True master craftsmen are uncompromising in the attention to detail. They are continually learning from their experiences and environments discovering innovative approaches and materials along the way. At Deichman Construction, we are committed to upholding that tradition. We approach each remodel or renovation with creativity, unparalleled resourcefulness and expertise to make a distinctive difference for each of our client’s rejuvenated spaces.


Whether your home is starting to show its age, your family is growing or you just need to freshen your living space, Deichman Renovations sits as a trusted advisor for many when it comes to making that decision on when and how to renovate. We can help you see the potential your existing space has and maximize the value of your home. Working with you, we build a budget and schedule to get the job done right. The most common renovation work Deichman Renovations encounters includes kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, basement remodels and addition projects.

A kitchen remodel can be one of the most costly, time-consuming, complicated projects there is. Whether you are keeping the same footprint or expanding the space, careful planning and selecting the right partner can make all the difference. Deichman Renovations’ craftsmen have the experience you need to successfully rebuild your home’s hub into a place of comfort, efficiency and beauty.

An expertly remodeled or expanded bathroom can give you years of comfort and delight. Their footprints can be tight and often unexpected circumstances lay waiting behind the walls. That is what it is important that you have the right craftsman on the job. Deichman Renovations will effectively orchestrate the multiple tradesman involved and provide you with finished space that is not only beautiful but efficient and will bring value to home.

Deichman Renovations excels at bringing the vision you have for you unused or outdated lower level to life. Activating and rejuvenating these often underutilized spaces has the potential to change how you live in your homes every day. We work closely with our clients to build the appropriate budget, spot potential issues and manage the entire project to ensure a stress free experience and a finished space that meets their desired needs.

Many arrive at a point where they need to decide if their home can be expanded or they need to purchase a new home. Whether you decide to expand small or large, up or out, attached or detached, Deichman Renovations experienced craftsman will bring unmatched creativity and expertise to your addition to make the most of the significant investment time and money you are making.


For more than 20 years Deichman Construction has distinguished ourselves by building high-end custom homes with enduring integrity, classic detail and unfailing commitment to customer satisfaction.

Today, we continue to innovate, diversify and accommodate your building needs through our renovation division, Deichman Renovations. If you are looking for professional guidance in making those decisions, Deichman Renovations will help guide you through the process of re-defining  your home.

Deichman Renovations provides a complimentary site visit to listen and learn about your goals for the renovation and what you are looking to accomplish. This gives us an opportunity to understand your needs to properly prepare an accurate estimate and schedule for the entire scope of the project.